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Selecting the right concentrate

Selecting the Right Concentrate

It’s been a long week and there you are, ready to roll into the dispensary and claim a bounty to relax and enjoy the weekend. The last thing you want is a bunch of confusion when it comes to picking the right concentrate. There are roughly 11 different options when

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Top 5 Weed Facts You Don't Know

Top 5 Facts About Marijuana You Didn’t Know About

Whether you are considering using marijuana or just want to be more informed about it, you should know the facts of this drug. More research and studies are being done to find out more about the use and effects of this drug due to its legalization in many countries in

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Edibles and Vaping

Edibles For The Long Haul & Vaping For The Short-term

Nothing quite hits like a strong drag from a volcano bag, a pull from a Puffco Peak, or rip from a bong. It’s the simple joy of feeling that almost immediate sense of relief that keeps us coming back for more and more. What if there was a different way?

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Comparing smoking vs vaping

Smoking vs. Vaping: What is The Best Choice?

As marijuana becomes a part of the mainstream culture of many different countries around the world the health benefits are becoming more and more pronounced. There are three main ways of ingesting marijuana, which are being smoked, eaten, and/or vaped. As a customer you might be interested in some of

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6 Benefits of CBD Oil

6 Benefits of CBD oil

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about cannabidiol oil but in this article, we list some of the 6 proven benefits of CBD oil to your health that you should know about. With the increased intrigue of marijuana and recent legalization in many countries, there has been an

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what is cbg

What is CBG?

CBG, the Cannabinoid You Probably Haven’t Heard of (Or Maybe You Have) When we talk about cannabis, we generally tend to gravitate towards certain aspects of the plant. Usually the conversation steers towards THC and it’s intoxicating, pleasant effects or CBD and it’s many renowned medicinal benefits and debatable reputation

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5 ways to use avb buds

5 Ways to Use AVB (Already Vaped Bud)

Vaporizing cannabis has become one of the most popular forms of ingestion. As vaporizer technology continues to evolve people are smoking less than ever before. The benefits of vaporizing compared to smoking include less damage to the lungs, more flavour and today’s topic, reusing cannabis after it has been vaped

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terpenes and the future of plastics

Terpenes & Plastics

Terpenes. You may know them as the unique organic compounds that give many different plants (such as our favourite plant, cannabis) their distinct odours and flavours. There is a reason strains like Pineapple Express or Sour Diesel are named so descriptively, and that is because terpenes like limonene can give

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How to Guide for Indoor Grows

In-Depth Indoor Cannabis Training Guide 

How do I maximize yield in my garden? A question that has been in the cannabis community for years, it can be very simple yet so complex at the same time. Let me ease the confusion and break this down. Grab your readers and a snack because today I’m going

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CBD saved my active lifestyle

CBD & How it Helped Save My Active Lifestyle

A few months ago, I turned 60. I was in good shape. I’d quit smoking tobacco more than 2 years previously. I was still smoking cannabis, but had quit hitting the bong and smoking joints. I was strictly vaping now, and my lungs felt really good. I’ve always approached age

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