Everything You Need to Know About The July 10th Stoner Holiday

You have probably heard of 4/20 but did you know there is another stoner holiday on July 10th known as 7/10? Worry no more, here is everything you need to know about the 7/10 holiday!

Many people are familiar with 4/20, even those who don’t smoke. A less known stoner holiday is the July 10th Cannabis Oil day, where the oil derived from the cannabis plant is appreciated. This day is also popularly known as National Dab day and is celebrated yearly. This name comes from concentrated forms of marijuana known as dabs which is what cannabis oil is commonly referred to as. Other people also say the holiday 7/10 also spells OIL when turned upside down.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is also known as honey oil or hash oil. It is extracted from cannabis Sativa which is a cannabis plant. The higher potency of cannabis oil make it suitable for pain relief and relieving symptoms like anxiety. Vaporizing this hash oil will get you higher but also increase the risks of hallucinations.


Dabbing has become a modern form of cannabis consumption especially with the recent legalization of marijuana. A small amount of cannabis extract is vaporized on a hot surface to provide a quicker high. This way, the amount of cannabis used is maximized while providing a much stronger high.

This is an alternative method of taking cannabis although it is not as widely accepted or used. You should make sure that your glass is clean before every session and to have a variety of dabs available. Always be sanitary when sharing your dabs to avoid transferring germs.

The National Dab day has been celebrated openly since 2012 and marks an important day within the cannabis community. It is a day to celebrate Cannabis oil and all its benefits while enjoying a session with your friends.

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