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buy allevita cbd couponCreated by women, for women, Allevita provides menstrual relief products. If you have a uterus or live with someone who does, you probably know how painful it can be. The women at Allevita have perfected a formula to effectively get rid of or reduce PMS symptoms, using CBD, Vitamin B6, Green Tea, Magnesium and Cramp bark. These ingredients all work together in various ways to stabilize hormones, provide pain relief and energy to fight PMS symptoms at the source. Suitable for anyone with a uterus to take, Allevita capsules are vegetarian, use MCT oil as a carrier and are non-psychoactive, so you can take these capsules at any time and keep a clear head. Allevita has 2 products available for sale, a daily menstrual supplement and a roll on pain relief balm.

Natural CBD Supplement for PMS – A daily supplement meant to stabilize hormones and provide PMS relief. Take one every 4-6 hours or as needed. Contains 10 mg of hemp CBD extract.

Cooling Roll on Muscle Gel – This is a new product offering from Allevita. This product is so new that the product description on the website is not yet filled in! At the time of this writing I was able to discern that it uses some of the same medicinal ingredients such as hemp CBD extract, and adds menthol for a cooling sensation to help aid sore muscles.

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