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buy baked edibles coupon Baked Edibles is the longest-running commercial cannabis bakery still operating in Canada. There’s only one way to hold that title and it’s producing top notch products for customers. The company is located in Victoria, British Columbia. 

Baked Edibles gets its cannabis directly from federally licensed medical growers. Each batch is then tested for pesticides and other poisons that might be harmful to the customer. Once it passes inspection the plant’s oil is extracted and turned into the delicious edibles that have been a staple on the market since it opened.

Baked Edibles utilizes the highest quality ingredients and offers customers home delivery when available. The company is also the only one to be sanctioned by the provincial health authority (Vancouver Island Health Authority). They believe in the products along with giving their customers discrete ways to medicate. 

Baked Edibles offers gummies, cookies, topical solutions, chocolate, and a number of other ways to ingest their products. Along with award-winning and industry trusted edibles, Baked Edibles also offers concentrates in the form of oils that can be paired with your favorite recipe for those looking to branch out with their own flavors and meals. 

The edibles, which also come in capsules, also give customers the options of nighttime treatments or daytimes treatments depending on their need for the product. Baked Edibles’ goal is to help expand the customers options when it comes to one of the most trusted ways to ingest cannabis. Baked Edibles has the backing and awards of the industry and has become one of the most trusted edible names in Canada. 

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and will work endlessly to help each customer find the right product for whatever the need. The baked goods are fresh without a heavy taste of cannabis. Baked Edibles even offers rice crispy treats in a number of different strengths for the novice and experienced users.

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- 10% Peanut Butter Cups 40mg THC [Baked Edibles]
- 10% Hazelnut Crunch CannaBar [Baked Edibles]
$20.00 $18.00

Hazelnut Crunch CannaBar [Baked Edibles]

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