buy buddalicious couponThis Vancouver based cannabis company strives to produce quality cannabis products at an affordable price and even markets products as “cheap.” In fact, not many companies sell popcorn and shake like Buddalicious does. No matter what method of consumption or use you prefer, Buddalicious has something for you and is always updating their strains and products!

Flower – Buddalicious sells a variety of bud including strains like God’s Green Crack and Rockstar, as well as a mystery bag of popcorn and shake to keep things interesting. As Forrest Gump said, “you never know what you’re gonna get!”

CBD – CBD products include 2:1 CBD to THC distillate syringes, vape juice, CBD isolate, and CBD tinctures.

Edibles – A variety of delicious edibles are available for those who prefer to eat their THC or CBD including Caramel Asteroid Crush Bars, Dark Galactic Ginger bars, Apple or Mango flavored High-Chew taffies, and Cola Bottle Blast or Grape Shock Mystic gummies.

Extracts – Shatters, distillate syringes, vape juice, and vape cartridges are all available in a variety of strains and flavours like California Haze, White Rhino, Girl Scout Cookies, Death Bubba, HarleyQuinn, and Grapefruit.

Topicals – Cool Sticks and soaps are both available for those who don’t like to consume their CBD or THC.

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