buy budslife cbd couponHailing all the way from across the pond, in the land of Big Ben, double decker buses and bright red phone booths, Budslife is a London, England based CBD company with an interesting product, patches. Like a nicoderm patch slowly releases nicotine into the bloodstream through the skin over the course of hours, Budslife transdermal patches work the same way. Bioavailability is much higher on a patch vs an oil, allowing your body to use the medicine you’re taking in a more efficient way. Quality is a cornerstone of Budslife’s business model, so rest assured the products represented here are worth the fair price they charge.
The CBD Patch – 8 patches come in a box, at 16 mg of CBD per patch. A healthier way to ingest your CBD.

CBD Gummies – Organic, vegan and all natural. Contain 20mg of CBD in each drop, in grape, orange, strawberry and green apple flavours.

CBD Vape Pen – 1000mg disposable pen with a 3000mah battery.

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