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buy cbd living couponCBD Living noticed, through extensive testing, that other companies’ CBD products weren’t quite living up to advertised specifications and wanted to change that. Using nanotechnology, CBD is much more easily and efficiently absorbed by the body thus making CBD Living’s products superior to those offered elsewhere. These products include:

Drinks – From staying hydrated, to getting your daily caffeine and CBD doses at the same time, CBD Living’s CBD infused beverages are the way to go. They offer infused alkaline water, flavored seltzers, coffees, and teas.

Edibles – In addition to chocolates and gummies, you can also buy CBD lozenges and sleep syrup to help with that stubborn insomnia.

Topicals – CBD Living has the ultimate range of topical products for your CBD needs, including bath bombs, freeze roll on, hand sanitizer, lip balm, lotion, massage oil, patches, salves, soaps, and suppositories.

Tinctures – Unflavored tinctures are available and range from 100mg per bottle, to 10,000mg per bottle for those who need a heavier dose.

Capsules – Gel capsules are also available in 5mg or 25mg per pill.

Pet Products – CBD Living sells every kind of pet product you would ever need including shampoos, water boosters, gel caps, treats, moisturizers, salves, and tinctures.

Concentrates – For the more serious consumers, dabs, shatter, and isolate are also available in multiple strains and flavours.

Vape – Vapes are easy and popular methods of consumption, especially with flavours like Watermelon Bubblegum, Pina Colada, Passion Fruit Orange Guava, Toffee Cream, and a handful of others.

Travel Line – If you travel a lot and can’t bring larger CBD items through TSA or are looking for a smaller, more discreet way to take CBD, these travel sized items are just the thing! These products include small hand sanitizers, spray tinctures, lip balm, and salves.

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