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buy endoca cbd couponFounded by a Danish scientist, this European CBD company is committed to growing and producing the finest hemp products one can buy. All of the hemp used to make these products is grown sustainably by the company, so there is no guessing where your hemp is coming from. Endoca offers the following products:

Oil – These tinctures are one of the easiest and quickest methods of CBD consumption there are! They come in Medium (30mg per dose) and Strong (150mg per dose) concentrations.

Cream – Endoca offers multiple topical creams, balms, and salves ranging between 20mg per container to 1500mg.

Edibles – If you’re looking for a discreet method of consuming your CBD all while keeping your breath minty fresh, Endoca’s CBD chewing gum is just the thing! Each piece contains 15mg of CBD.

Capsules – These easy-to-swallow, tasteless gel capsules come in 10mg (medium) and 50mg (strong) doses.

Crystals – This isolate comes in a 0.5g jar containing 500mg of pure CBD isolate. Simply vape, dab, or add it to your favourite food or drink and you’re good to go!

Suppositories – For those with sensitive digestive systems, these suppositories are a great alternative to edible and consumable products. Each suppository contains 50mg of CBD and there are 10 to a box.

Extract – This organic, hemp paste contains all the most important parts of the hemp plant and is much more potent than oils. Endoca says it’s the “closest to the natural plant” one can get! Potency ranges from 200mg/mL to 300mg/mL.

CBD for Pets – In order to keep your beloved pets healthy and happy, Endoca offers a wide range of products including oils, isolates, and extracts.

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