Herb Ripper

buy herb ripper couponComing out of a small factory in Cincinnati Ohio is a team making world class, 100% machined stainless-steel herb grinders which not only look amazing but will last you for a lifetime. Buy It for Life with Herb Ripper. They are now accepting pre-orders for their 2020 model of the Herb Ripper Grinder, and at the time of this writing, most other items on their website are sold out, so that is the only item I will overview in this review.

The Ripper 2020 – Is available in either a 3 piece or a 4 piece design with either a coarse or a hybrid grind. A beautifully engraved upper-case R is displayed on the top of the grinder, and their Power Grip ensures adequate torque to bust those pesky buds in a hurry. They claim no jamming, due to additional relief for a more free cutting experience. This grinder is excellent for people with arthritis. It runs between $74.25 and $96.25, which is an excellent price for a grinder of this kind of quality.

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