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Buy Joi Pods in Canada Joi Pods Canada are premium thc distillate vaporizer cartridges that are compatible with the Juul vaporizer and starter kit devices. Incredibly convenient, flavorful, and consistently potent – joipods vape cartridges are a favorite among our visitors and hold a special place in many personal stashes as a favorite way to get their thc dosage in. oi insists on using only naturally derived terpenes and cannabinoids to ensure the highest quality and the safest production. Every 0.6ml cartridge contains a perfect blend of 500mg of cannabis distillate and terpenes. 93% THC Distillate, 7% Organic Terpene.

For new users, pick up a Joi Pods starter kit, which comes with a Joi stick battery, USB charger, and a Joi Pod. Everything needed to get started with some of the most flavorful vape products on the market.

Browse our catalog of Canadian Joi Pod vape cartridges below and get the best deals, discounts and Joipod coupons currently available for purchasing online in Canada. If you have used these products or similar please take a minute to share your own 2020 Joi Pod review experience to help us further serve our future visitors and customers and educate the on the pros and cons of these incredible popular thc vape juice items!

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Popular Joi Pods products in dispensaries near you

  • Joi Pod Vape Starter Kit - Joi stick battery, charger, and 0.6ml Joi Pod cartridge, everything needed to get started.
  • Strawberry Banana Joi Pods - Sweet and fruity, perfect for a day out in the sun
  • Gelato JoiPods - Smooth and sweet, a wonderful treat at the end of the day.
  • Lemon Drop Joi Pod - Tangy and mouthwatering, a sour kick to punch up a day with.
  • Grapefruit Joi Pods - Savory and sweet with a gentle but full citrus flavor.
  • JuulPod Vaporize Pens - A wide range of affordable yet high quality vaporizer pens make up the Juul Pod device lineup and are compatible with both thc joi pod cartridges as well as Juul Pod e-cigarette nicotine cartridges.
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