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buy joy organics cbd couponJoy Organics is a family run company which started in a very familiar way. After having some troubles with her own personal wellness, company founder Joy Smith started to use CBD products. She found success with some brands, and failure with others. In such a crowded marketplace as the CBD and Hemp seed oil industry, it’s not surprising that some companies may not quite live up to the hype. Joy decided to open her own company in order to ensure that the products she sells are of top quality and come as advertised. They have a huge line of products available on their website.

CBD Oil Tinctures – Her alcohol-free tinctures come in 1oz bottles of various strengths (between 225mg per bottle and 1350mg per bottle). These are available in 4 different flavors (Tranquil Mint, Natural, Summer Lemon and Orange Bliss) and range between $29.95 and $99.95 depending on which strength you purchase.

CBD Gummies – Coming packaged in a BPA-free jar is a delicious 30 pack of CBD gummies. With 10mg of CBD per gummy, these Strawberry Lemonade and Green Apple gummies pack loads of medicinal power into a compact, tasty treat. A 30 pack will run you $39.95.

CBD Softgels – Joy Organics have a premium softgel with a slight twist – Added Melatonin for sleep, or Curcumin for healthy joints. The premium softgels run about $89.95, or you can get the OG formula for only $44.95 in a 10mg gel.

CBD Energy Drink Mix – We can all use a bit of a pick-me-up from time to time, and why not skip the cup of coffee and get a shot of CBD while you’re at it? With 12.5 MG of CBD per drink, and 75 mg of caffeine, these are sure to give you a quick boost of energy along with your medicine. They come in an enticing sounding flavor of Happy Berry for $19.95.

Pet Products – For the family’s favorite furry friend, Joy Organics offers up CBD dog treats for $34.95 and CBD Oil tinctures for $29.95.

CBD Salve – A 500 mg jar of Joy Organics CBD salve bomb costs $54.95, and a 1000 mg jar is $79.95. This can help with the maintenance of healthy joints.

Salve Stick – If you’re often on the run, and a salve balm isn’t for you, Joy Organics offers a no-mess, low-fuss salve in a stick. This unscented topical comes in a twist-up stick which contains 250 mgs of CBD for only $32.95.

CBD Cream – This product is THC free and comes in a pump bottle. Good for dry hands, this product is $32.95 and contains 250 mg of CBD.

CBD Sports Cream – Containing menthol and camphor, this sports cream helps in keeping your muscles and joints healthy. Contains 400 mg of CBD for $39.95.
Bath Bombs – These bath bombs have 25 mgs of CBD each, and they come in a 4 pack for $19.95.

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