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buy juicy jays couponIn the cannabis world, there are a lot of options on how to ingest your medicine. You could vaporize it, eat it, spray it, put it under your tongue, rub it on your skin or dab it. Of course there is also the timeless ritual of grabbing your grinder and rolling up a joint or blunt or packing a bowl, the old school way. Juicy Jay’s are a company known worldwide for their flavored papers and blunt wraps, but they also have a few other products available. 

Papers – Juicy Jay Papers are the first flavored papers I ever smoked, and they stand up to the test of time. Flavours include blueberry, coconut and cherry along with some more wild concoctions such as tequila, peanut butter and peaches and cream. Many sizes are available such as King, 1-1/4, King Slim, and rolls. 

Blunts and Cigars – They have natural tobacco wraps, hemp wraps, super wraps and cigar rollers. A huge selection of flavors include Grapes Gone Wild, RedRum Raspberry, Sweet Cognac Honey and more. The Super Wrap is a large sized blunt already formed into a cone for easy rolling. 

Herbs and Seeds – Juicy Herbs are smokable herbs packaged in 7 gram pouches. Lots of flavors available such as Marshmallow Root, Potentilla Erecta, FeverFew and many more. If you want to grow your own, seeds are also available to grow all of those same herbs.

Pipes and Incense – Juicy sells a sweet classic Sherlock Holmes style pipe in either red or blue color. Incense is available in over a dozen scents, such as Midnight, Patchouli, Raspberry, Tropical Passion and more. 

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