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buy linx vapor couponLinx Vapor is a United States based company offering up some nice looking vaporizers. Their modus operandi pivots on the health aspect of their products. Many vaporizers on the market today contain a lot of plastic, which when heated can release dangerous chemicals, which are then inhaled by the end user. Linx Vapor does not use any plastic in the vapor path of their products, and they also have all of their vaporizers voluntarily heavy metal tested (and I don’t mean smoking a bowl while listening to Dio). They sell vapes in 3 different categories on their website – dry herb, concentrate and oil. 

Herb Vapes – They have 2 models available, Gaia and Eden. The Gaia has a quartz convection oven, 2200 mAH battery and simple + or – heat controls in a stylish package. The Eden is a slim, pen style vaporizer which is true convection, has one button operation and a 2500 mAH battery. 

Extract Vapes – 4 models are available, the Hypnos Zero, Blaze, Ares and Ember. Priced as low as $39.99 for the Ember, Linx has a concentrate pen for every budget. 

Oil Vapes – Linx has 2 oil vapes available for purchase, the Hermes 2 and Hermes 3. The Hermes 2 is best used with low viscosity oils, but an update to the Hermes 3 allows it to be used with oils of any viscosity.

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