MediPets CBD

buy medipets cbd couponWe all know how much your life can change for the better when you open your mind up to the healing and holistic properties of cannabis and CBD. As you age, CBD can help with anything from joint stiffness to alleviating nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments. So why not provide some of those same healing properties to man’s best friend? Medipets CBD provides high quality CBD products to help your dog or cat live it’s best life well into old age. Coming in a variety of different ways for your pet to consume it, Medipets has a product for dogs and cats of any size.

CBD Oils – Medipets CBD oil comes in a few strengths, Regular, Strong or Extreme for large dogs, small dogs, medium dogs and cats. Easy to add to your pet’s food or water.

CBD Treats – This delicious looking treat will be sure to turn your St Bernard’s saliva glands into Amazon river mode. Coming in a ton of different flavours such as Turkey and Sweet Potato, Salmon, Gourmet Beef and Rice and more, these treats are mostly for dogs but are also available in a tartar control variety for cats.

CBD Spray – One type of spray is available, containing 100mg of CBD per bottle. Simply spray into your dog or cat’s mouth to give them a healthy shot of CBD.

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