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buy pyro extracts couponPyro Extracts seeks to “illuminate the path for the cannabis revolution”. This proudly Canadian company is based in British Columbia and uses locally grown cannabis exclusively grown in partner farms thus ensuring the primo quality of all their cannabis products. All extracts are solvent-free, designed to give you the healthiest and best tasting distillates you can get. Pyro Extracts wants to provide the best quality distillates and vaporizers, made to help you feel healthy and inspired, no matter where life takes you!

Pyro Vaporizer – Pyro Extracts sells a complete THC Distillate Vaporizer Kit, which includes a Pyro Vaporizer Battery, the Pyro Vaporizer Battery Charger, and one Pyro Distillate Cartridge in your choice of flavour. Easy to use, easy to charge, and very light-weight and portable, this vape kit is perfect to travel with you anywhere you need to go. 

Pyro Cartridges – These cartridges contain 0.5g of solvent-free THC distillate. They are sold in individual packs and come in a handful of your favorite flavours and strains. All varieties use terpenes and the natural flavours of the strains they are made from to give you a pure, additive free experience. Flavours and strains include Grand Daddy Purple, Green Apple, Super Lemon Haze, Mango, Blueberry, Watermelon, and Green Crack.

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