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buy science lab couponScience Lab is a company that prides themselves on their “knowledge of chemistry and cannabis.” Their main goal is to provide high quality cannabis products, free of synthetics or harmful heavy metals, and to do so at the lowest cost possible!

Tincture – ScienceLab sells tinctures with CBD only, THC, or a CBD dominant mixture. Their tinctures are odorless and flavourless, so they are discreet as well!

Beverages – If drinks are more your style, ScienceLab also sells THC shots that can be taken directly or added to your favorite drinks. Each small bottle contains 400mg of THC, but none of the marijuana taste. Flavours include Grape, Watermelon, and Natural (unflavoured).

Topicals – This topical lotion comes in a 3.5-ounce container and contains 180mg of CBD and 110mg of THC. Just apply directly to the skin of the affected area and wait for the relief. 

Tears – Science Lab’s distillates come either as CBD mixed with agave to be taken directly, or as a THC distillate meant to be dabbed, smoked, or ingested.

Vape Cartridges – These cartridges contain premium distillate in some of the most popular strains such as Banana Kush, OG Kush, Pineapple Express, and Sunset Sherbet, as well as a handful of other delicious strains and flavours.

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