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If you ask anyone in North America where the best cannabis in the world comes from, nine times out of ten they will respond with “BC Bud, maaaan! That shit is the bomb!”. These statistics are anecdotal at best, and I do not have the numbers to back this up, but companies like Secret Garden Extracts are doing the good work which keep the urban legend of BC bud alive. 

Their company creates top shelf extracts of all kinds; Budder, shatter, live resin, taffy, cartridges and distillate, among others. Take one look at their Instagram page and you’ll find image after image of mouth watering extracts just begging to be dabbed. Secret Garden is proud of their philosophy – 100% cannabis. They do not use Vitamin E acetate in their cartridges, and they use high tech CO2 extraction methods which result in zero metals and a 100% pure experience. 

At the time of this writing, I have not been able to sample any of Secret Garden’s products. However, as one review posted to their Instagram page stated, “You sir, are up there with the guy who invented the automobile, I bow to you.” High Praise, indeed. So next time you’re shopping for some high-end concentrates, be sure to give Secret Garden a look and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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