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Social CBD

buy social cbd couponSocial CBD gives the customer options when it comes to its products. They all come in a wide variety of flavours and ways to consume. Solid reviews from third parties, a complete menu and guide to each product, FAQ tabs filled with all kinds of answers to questions regarding their products, a shop locator, and even a rewards programs are just some of the tabs highlighting the menu at the top of the page.

Social CBD offers a complete start to finish experience when it comes to purchasing their products through the website. They offer a complete rundown of everything and even offer their contacts at the bottom of the page for easy access to the experts. The products are all-natural and highly rated. They offer balance, sleep aids, relaxation, and restoration options for customers.

Tinctures – All natural the way it’s supposed to be for the customer. Social CBD has you covered when it comes to adding CBD to your drinks and food and even simply dropping it under your tongue. Bottles come in three different sizes if you want to mix it up with different flavours. There’s 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg sizes available. Each comes in a variety of flavours, ranging from Lavender, Lemon Ginger, Peppermint Isolate, unflavored, Vanilla Mint Broad Spectrum, Cinnamon Leaf, Meyer Lemon, Pomegranate Tea, and Natural Flavour. Social CBD also offers drops for pets. They can add CBD to your pet’s diet with flavors that will leave them wanting more. Those flavors include Bacon, Chicken, Peanut Butter, and Unflavored.

Vape Pens – It’s a direct way to inhale and enjoy CBD. With so many questions going around about quality, Social CBD has it covered with the highest quality and flavourful pens on the market. Much like their tinctures, Social CBD offers a wide variety when it comes to consuming their cartridges. Flavours include: Relax Lavender, Relax Cinnamon, Focus Peppermint, Focus Spearmint, Revive Lemon, and Revive Grapefruit. Cartridges come in 125mg or 250mg.

Gummies – Flavourful and filling Social CBD gummies offer just about everything a customer could want from an edible experience. Gummies are an easy way to incorporate CBD into a daily routine. They are convenient and easy to use and also give users an easy way to dose properly. Social CBD’s gummies are offered in jars of 10 and 60 with each offering 25mg per serving. Flavours offered are Peach Mango, Lemon, and Red Raspberry.

Topicals – Social CBD offers a variety of different balms and rubs for numerous ailments. All natural and easy to apply, Social CBD gives each customer a number of different choices that range from CBD muscle rub, CBD foot renewal cream, Calming Lavender CBD Balm, Cooling Mint CBD Muscle Balm, Cooling Roll-on Gel, and CBD Infused Patches. Social CBD also offers Rest CBD Body Lotion.

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