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buy specktra cbd couponThe top of their page says it all during these difficult times. “We’re in this together” is the message and with each order over $50 Specktra includes free shipping and a free Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer. We’re definitely in this together with the Seattle based company that puts customers and health first and foremost when it comes to CBD. Their products will help with anxiety relief, sleeping, and feeling energized in the morning just to focus on a few. Vapes and Tinctures are some of the products offered, but the truly unique one is the Transdermal Patch that allows customers to put it directly on the skin like a small band aid.

Vapes – Easy to vape, smooth, flavourful, and feeling the effects within seconds of the first pull. Specktra specializes in giving each customer a full body of flavour in a safe form to leave everyone satisfied. Vapes come in four different flavours ranging from grapefruit, grape, watermelon, and passion fruit. Each pen is designed to help the user in different ways from anxiety relief, recovery, and tranquility.

Tinctures – Fall to sleep faster, find that inner peace you’ve been searching for, feel energized and focused to start the day, or simply walk around the house without pain. Specktra’s tinctures let the customer take full control of the situation with a variety of options. Every product in the line is designed to help with something different. Like the vape pens, they also come in a variety of flavours. Tinctures can be added to food or drink or simply dropped under the tongue for more direct effects. Flavours include Key Lime, Hazelnut, Raspberry, and Orange.

Transdermal Patch – Slap it on and don’t worry about it falling off as the patch is water-proof and will hold on even in the most extreme situations. It works fast and offers customers a unique yet discreet way to experience their favourite CBD products. Patches provide up to 96-hours of relief and are made with essential oils, aloe vera, and full-spectrum to help with the customer’s ailments.

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