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buy sugar jacks edibles couponSugar Jack’s Edibles is a company that prides itself on making gummies of the purest quality, and with ingredients that you won’t feel bad about eating. Most other gummies are loaded with artificial sugars and additives, but at Sugar Jack’s, the gummies are flavoured using real fruit! For the sweetness, they add a bit of natural cane sugar as well as Manuka honey from New Zealand, making these gummies a real superfood. Their motto is “Sugar Jack’s Assorted Gummies taste good, and you’ll feel good eating them too!” This is also in part due to solvent-free extraction and nano-emulsification processes. 

The gummies come in pouches of 10 gummies, each contains 20mg for a total of 200mg per pouch. The following are the available flavours and catch phrases:

Orange – Orange you glad you came?

Strawberry – Strawberry taste without the Strawberry cough.

Lime – Tequila and salt sold separately.

Lemon – The main squeeze of any great time.

Grape – Have a grape day!

Watermelon – One in a melon taste.

Blue Raspberry – Raspberry- Now available in blue.

Root Beer – Your favourite non-alcoholic beer.

Pineapple – The apple of your eye and taste buds.

Cola – Soft drink flavor with hard-hitting effects.

Mango – You’ll mango crazy for this sweet treat.

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