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buy toko couponFocusing on disposability, discretion and distinction, Toko creates a vape experience rich in flavour. Solvent free CO2 extraction lets the terpenes shine, and all of their source buds are organically grown, free from the use of pesticides with no heavy metals. Toko only does one thing, vaporizers, and they do it well. They offer three lines, Toko Gold, Toko Flave and Toko Slim with multiple strains available in each type. 

Toko Flave – Disposable vape pens loaded with flavoured CO2 oil, these pens pack an excellent taste experience into every hit. These half-gram pens are a cost-conscious, discreet way to get your medicine on the go, with many strains and flavours available such as Pennywise, Girl Scout Cookies and Lemon Haze. 

Toko Slim – This convenient disposable pen has a slimmer form factor than the Flave. This pull-to-hit pen is available in dozens of strains such as Cherry Pie, Orange Cookie, and Moby Dick CBD. 

Toko Gold – This 2-piece vape kit comes with the cartridge and battery. Separating Toko Gold from most vape batteries is their adjustable heat, offering 3 different voltages to provide a different vaping experience depending on how you set it. After you buy their vape kit, the cartridges are sold separately so you don’t have to buy a new battery every time you re-up. Available in multiple strains such as Marionberry kush, Strawnana and Sunset Sherbert. 

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