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Vape Bright

buy vape bright cbd couponVape Bright is a company specializing in (you guessed it), CBD vape cartridges. For users looking for immediate relief, inhalation is the fastest way to get medicine into your system, so Vape Bright created vape cartridges that are not only sourced from organic hemp, but provide a quick kick exactly when you need it. Their products come in a few different variations, for the beginner or the seasoned vet.

Thrive Cartridges – These 510 thread cartridges are exactly what you’d find on most vape batteries on today’s market. If you already own a battery, take advantage of the 3 or 4-packs, at 250mg of CBD per cartridge. The 3-packs run at $156, or save a bit of cash-per-cartridge with the 5-packs at $247. If you’re new to the vape game, try the starter pack which includes one cartridge and a battery for $65.

Inspire Pods – Vape bright also offers up their new Inspire pod based vape system, which is similar to a Juul in design and function. On Vape Bright’s website they only list the battery and charger for $30, but this appears to be compatible with many of the different pods available today. Could this be a sign of more Juul compatible CBD products to come from Vape Bright? In this writer’s opinion (which certainly doesn’t mean much) that answer is undoubtedly yes!

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