Canna Fresh Green $15 off

Canna Fresh Green $15 off
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Canna Fresh Green is relatively new on the MOM scene. I’ve only seen reviews for them start popping up in the last month or so, featuring some absolutely beautiful pictures of buds that look well grown and well trimmed. If you’re looking for a new shop to try, they have some great deals on ounces of high grade flower for only $160. Apply discount code CBUDDIES15 at checkout for an extra $15 off your order, and that’s a deal that is hard to beat. While they have good selection for their flower, the edibles and concentrates are a little more limited. The only edibles they have listed currently are Twisted Extracts, but at least that’s a well known brand where you know what you’ll be getting. For concentrates they do cover all the categories, with shatter, budder, distillate, diamonds, live resin, and high terpene full spectrum extracts all available, but there is limited options in each category. I’m looking forward to giving these guys a try. Let us know in the comments if you have, and if you had any success with our coupon.

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