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Cannabismo is an online mail order marijuana company based in Vancouver, BC. They have a great selection of products in a variety of categories including flowers, concentrates and edibles. They also carry a wide range of vape pens, CBD products, topicals and bath and body products, along with a section of their website specifically curated to women. Cannabis is not just a boys club anymore, and Cannabismo ensures that their products in the women’s section are not only excellent products, but they have also been tested and recommended by the female members of their staff.

Ordering is a simple process. First you have to create an account, and then send a picture of yourself with your driver’s license or other identification in order to confirm you’re above the age of 19. Rest assured, this data is deleted after your account is approved. Once you have been verified, think “Amazon for Cannabis”. Simply add the product of your choosing to your cart, try to hit the $200 threshold for free shipping, and check out. Follow the instructions to send payment via Etransfer, and wait for Canada Post Xpresspost shipping to bring your package-o-dank to your doorstep or post office box. Shipment usually takes 2-3 days from Vancouver to rural Saskatchewan but customers in BC or Alberta can probably expect delivery in 1-2 days. Reddit Reviews

Is Cannabismo Legit?

Cannabismo is as legit as it gets. They are a great and respected mail order marijuana site that can sure discreetly deliver. When first starting out with cannabis some customers aren’t comfortable with smoking or vaporizing, and Cannabismo’s huge selection of edibles allowed them to have a one stop shop for both edibles and raw flower and concentrates. 

Cannabismo’s flower selection is top notch, split into four categories such as indica, sativa, hybrid and prerolls. They also offer an ounce sale of a few specially selected strains for $160/ounce. 

Concentrates are available, organized by distillate, hash, oils, shatter and wax/budder. Some brands available include Kleerx, Diamond, Green Gold and Dark Side Dabs.

Their edible selection is great, featuring gummies, baked goods, candies, beverages, chocolate, and a category for experienced users only, marked STRONG in all capital letters. Sweet Jane Edibles are one of the higher quality brands that they carry.

Cannabismo Pricing and Loyalty Programs

Cannabismo has a points-based loyalty system. Everyone who signs up automatically gets 200 points, which translates to a $10 discount on your first order. You gain 1 point for every dollar you spend, and you’re able to earn 5 points for every product that you review. It is easy to really rack up your points with Cannabismo, and then redeem those points in their webstore. Everyone wins! You’re also able to refer friends, and once they make a purchase, a $20 credit is added to your account. They also offer compassionate pricing, offering 5% discounts to military service members, seniors, people on long term disability, EMS members and those with native status cards.

Discounts, Promos and Coupons

There are usually some great deals to be found at Cannabismo, including their free 200 points for new users and their ounce sales (which run all the time, depending on availability). Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on your emails, because they run flash sales and coupon codes from time to time, and they usually send out an email to all of their registered users to let them know. Summertime is coming, and last year they offered some really wicked summertime bundles which included a ton of cool products such as medicated freezies and some sweet branded sunglasses and lanyards. 

Final Thoughts on Cannabismo

Cannabismo is a great website to order your product from. They have excellent customer service, and if you’re new to buying cannabis online, their process makes it quick and easy, and never have an issue with delivery or the quality of the products within the package. Of course, their packages come double packed inside vacuum-sealed bags packed in discreet boxes and are completely smell proof, so there are no worries about your package making it to you safely.



8.5 Total Score
Cannabismo, one of the original...

This vendor has been around for some time now with 15 years of experience in the marijuana industry! Cannabismo has a great selection of premium products for their massive fan base. Reviews on Cannabismo have been more than great, lots of amazing comments on how good their products really are. No need to worry about your package as they're designed to be very discreet and always show up on time!

Inventory & Stock
Reliability & Trust
Payment & Shipping
Prices & Deals
Customer Support
Overall Experience
  • Great packaging
  • Premium products for all categories
  • Delivery is quick & shows up on time
  • Something for everyone
  • Not a HUGE selection of brands
  • Sometimes products are out of stock
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