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Cannabis salves, marijuana balms, and THC butters are all applied to the skin to help the applicant combat a wide range of ailments. Since the THC or CBD is absorbed through the skin, you won’t feel any psychedelic effects from these products. While they might not be a magical cure, they have shown tremendous promise in helping to make certain conditions more bearable. Salves, balms, and butters are commonly used to treat these afflictions:

  1. Pain – These products can help with localized pain such as a sore back or knees.
  2. Inflamation – There have been many studies that have shown a link between cannabinoids and reducing inflammation.
  3. Skin conditions – Cannabinoids have shown promise in assisting in the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis.
  4. Bacterial infections – Cannabis has been used as an antibiotic since ancient times and there has been some scientific evidence that backs this up.
  5. Burns and wounds – Not only do these help with pain and infection, but there is anecdotal evidence that these wounds will heal faster with extended use.

A cannabis balm and marijuana salve are very similar, with both tending to use beeswax as a base, but differing on how much of it they contain. A balm will usually be a bit thicker due to having a higher concentration of beeswax. This means that salves are a bit softer, and are more easily absorbed into the skin.

A cannabis infused butter is a little different in its composition. It has little to no beeswax and usually a butter like shea butter or cocoa butter as its base. These can have a similar benefits to the balms and salves, but are more often used to soften and moisturize skin, providing an anti-aging effect.

Since THC balms and salves are both primarily made up of the same ingredients and have the same uses, deciding which one to use will come down to where and how you intend to apply it. If you’ve got sore muscles and would like to massage it in, a THC or CBD balm would likely work better since it would last on the skin longer. If you have a burn or other type of would, a quick application of a THC or CBD salve would feel a lot nicer than massaging in a balm. THC butters are a little more straightforward to determine when they are appropriate to use. They are great to add into your daily moisturizing routine.

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