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Cbd phoenix tears

purchase-cbd phoenix tears reviewsMost CBD oils come in a bottle and are known as CBD tinctures. They can come in a variety of flavours and can oftentimes be distributed using a dropper. 

CBD Phoenix Tears are a different kind of way to ingest CBD as the product comes with a syringe to allow the user to dispense the amount of oil needed directly onto their tongue or mixed into a drink or food. CBD Phoenix Tears are oftentimes more potent than CBD tinctures due to the concentrated form of the CBD. 

Much like other CBD products, CBD phoenix tears can be used to help treat a number of ailments facing the user. Some include: high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. Because of its concentrated form, CBD Phoenix Tears can oftentimes take less than a CBD tincture to reach the desired effects. 

CBD Phoenix Tears are sometimes also referred to as RSO Oil (Rick Simpson Oil) which originated from a Canadian man named, used guessed it, Rick Simpson. He combined oils to create RSO or Phoenix Tears to help treat his form of skin cancer. RSO or Phoenix Tears have since become a mainstay on the cannabis and CBD scenes. These products are not meant to be smoked like traditional flower, they are made to be incorporated into a drink or mixed into food for full effects. They can also be taken directly from the syringe.

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4:1 CBD-THC Phoenix Tears by Green Island Naturals are hand-crafted in BC by combining extracts from organic hemp and hybrid cannabis flowers . 1ML Syringe 150mg CBD / 37.5mg THC per Syringe Lab Tested
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Contains full spectrum CBD resin diluted in grapeseed oil. A great low-cost way for patients to try CBD for the first time. 100mg CBD in each 1ml syringe 1 Syringe In Each Order
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Pharma Bee CBD Tears syringes are filled with an MCT oil infused with 100 200 or 500mg of CBD .
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1 Phoenix Tears oral syringe contains 1 ml. Start with a drop half the size of a grain of rice approximately 10-20mg two or three times a day
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200mg CBD Tears Solvent Free by Green Island Naturals are extracted from organic food grade hemp flowers in a closed loop CO2 extractor. 1ML Syringe 200mg CBD per Syringe Lab Tested
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1 Haley’s Comet oral syringe contains 1 ml of Halley’s Comet and contains 200mg of CBD and 200mg of THC per unit.
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Phoenix Tears 100mg CBD by Baked Edibles is made from the Charlotte’s Web strain cannabis essential oil extracted into MCT coconut oil as a neutral carrier lipid. Amber in colour extremely consistent and high quality
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- 15%
At Herb Approach we are avid promoters of holistic health and healthy alternatives. By treating ailments and conditions with a naturally progressive medicine we are able to heal our bodies without the negative effects of toxic treatments. That’s why we are happy to announce that March is CBD Awareness Month . #CBDAwareness Apothecary 20mg CBD CannaCaps Mota Brio CBD BItes Green Island Naturals 200mg CBD Honey Tears
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