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purchase premium flower reviewsMuch like a bartender and the always impressive “top shelf” booze lining the top of any good bar, flower to can come in a number of different tiers when it comes to purchase and production routes. 

Premium Flower is oftentimes a way for a dispensary to break up styles of flower and give the customer a chance to choose between a more expensive flower deemed premium or saving a little bank and going with a lower alternative. 

Premium Flower is called that because it’s a process that starts with the seed and continues through full maturation all the way to the curing process. Most premium flower is even put into better packaging to help preserve all the good stuff the grower worked to perfect in the flower. 

Premium flower is taken care of through every step of the process. It will contain all the good stuff in the growing process. Heavy metals and pesticides aren’t used in premium flower as each plant is treated with the utmost care. Premium flower looks good and oftentimes boasts a much higher THC level than other buds not given the same type of care and love throughout the growing process. 

Premium flower comes from award-winning strains and is rarely used for cooking or baking projects. Premium flower will have a much nicer look to it and a clean smoke or vaping experience. Some award-winning strains include: Presidential Kush, White 99, Lemon OG, Bubba Kush, Stardawg, and Pootie Tang.

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