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JJ Meds is about quality over quantity, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a wide selection of edibles, concentrates, flowers, and CBD products. JJMeds shows the best deals upfront as they greet the customer on the first screen when you enter the site. The menu is broken down into all the different categories and shipping is always done in a discreet manner.

JJ Meds Reddit Reviews

Contacting JJMeds and getting help from their knowledgeable staff is easy. They offer their phone number, email, and all social media contact. They don’t have much in the way of reviews on the site even though they’re a top-rated online dispensary on other third-party sites.

Not to worry. JJ Meds rates all its own products. They are graded by a letter system with AAAA being the highest grade. They will break up flower for package deals on premium options, but also give the customer a chance to grab more with shake options and lower grade flower options available.

Is JJMeds Legit?

They have been in business for awhile now with at least 15 years of industry experience backing up everything they sell. Their staff is knowledgeable and ready to help. Once on their site a customer service representative will ask if the customer needs help with anything. The next step is up to the customer as the menu will give you plenty of options.

JJ Meds specializes in flower with plenty of choices in indica, hybrids, and sativa strains. They also sell concentrates in several different forms along with magic mushrooms. Edibles are also a big part of the selection process as they feature both THC and CBD products in edible form.

JJ Meds Loyalty Programs

Their loyalty program really is about how much you buy at a time. They encourage customers to take advantage of their mix and match options to build the package to suit their needs. An account will help make the checkout process quicker. It will also give the customer a log of previous buys for quick reference for repeat purchases.

JJMeds also runs a special where you can recommend a friend and receive $25 toward a portion of your next purchase. You can refer to as many people as you want and keep collecting rewards for more purchases. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for both parties.

Shipping Process and Free Shipping Promotions

The online ordering process is easy. JJ Meds will even give the customer a step-by-step guide on their website that will take you from start to finish. Sign up for their program, choose whatever you need from their menu, pay for your order, and then simply sit back and wait for all the goodness JJ Meds has to offer to come your way. It’s incredibly easy with plenty of options. Orders that purchase a certain dollar amount will ship for free to the customer.

Discounts, Promos, and JJMeds.com Coupon Codes

JJ Meds offers a mix-and-match program to build big packages to give the user even more discounts. The quarter pound mix-and-match deal comes with seven strains to choose from: Dutch King, White Diesel, Animal Mint, Vanilla Smoothie, Bubba Cookies, Bubba Skunk, and Star Master. The mix-and-match deal with the ounces gives the customer even more options as they can choose from Bubba Skunk, Tuna, Jet Fuel, Animal Mint, Bubba Cookies, White Diesel, Island Pink, Purple Dream, Rock Star, Pink Tuna, Birthday Cake. They even offer a AAAA quarter pound mix-and-match that features all their premium bud: Platinum OG, Pink Star, Blood Rock, White Snow, King Bubba #2, Organic RockStar, Island Death Bubba, Blood Master. They also have a three-shatter starter where the customer can choose from a number of different concentrates to make up their pack. Finally, JJ Meds offers a house of glass ounce options for shatters. 


8.5 Total Score
JJ Meds may be limited but they're all about quality

JJ Meds hasn't been around as long as some of the bigger vendors out there but they still know what they're doing. These guys carry a limited selection of products but everything they have is a top shelf product. Since JJ Meds have a smaller selection they focus on their value and trust with the customer which means check them out for good deals and don't be afraid to ask customer support about anything!

Inventory & Stock
Reliability & Trust
Payment & Shipping
Prices & Deals
Customer Support
Overall Experience
  • Great prices
  • High quality products
  • Quick delivery
  • Friendly customer support
  • Huge deals on bulk orders
  • Limited selection
  • Some higher end items are expensive
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Jjmeds.com Coupon Codes, Reviews & Discount Sale
Jjmeds.com Coupon Codes, Reviews & Discount Sale
10% off

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