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Well, the best joke in the business goes to King Tut’s Cannabis. The opening page of King Tut’s Cannabis shows off some of the best buds offered on the site with a perfect joke for any 90’s kid. If you don’t get it look up Sir-Mix-A lot and enjoy. All joking aside the site is friendly right off the bat and welcomes the customer to a friendly experience with the casual icebreaker. King Tut’s Cannabis has plenty of experience in the industry. They offer a number of different products that include flower, extracts, hash, vapes, edibles, and CBD tinctures.  

King Tuts Reviews

Products are well described, and reviews are offered at the bottom of each offering. They also have Instagram pictures of the products where customers can leave feedback for all purchases.

Is King Tut’s Cannabis Legit?

There are several different options when it comes to purchase by legit means but King Tut’s Cannabis is one of the best options for the customers out there. They have multiple choices when it comes to buying flower like pre-rolls, ounce deals, bulk deals, new arrivals, indicas, sativa, and hybrid options all offered on their website. Extracts are offered through a lot of choices and deals for the customer. Shatter, wax, budder, crumble, live resin, rosin, hash oil, and diamonds. There are also CBD and moon rock options available. King Tut’s options are extensive for the customer as they also have hash and vape kits offered for sale. The support staff is quick to answer questions and are always ready for you. There’s also a blog and FAQ page setup on the site to have a quick reference to previously asked questions. They also have a newsletter, contact us tab, and about us tab for all the information about the company. There is a wide selection of edibles featuring lineups from Twisted Edibles and Stoney’s. There is a big group of CBD and THC options for the customers. Gummies are all top-rated and fresh and come in packages that can be resealed for extended use. Now if that doesn’t sound like a legit company, I don’t know what is!  Loyalty Programs

Like most sites in Canada, King Tut’s Cannabis offers a loyalty match program. It’s as easy as most of the other companies. The customer simply recommends another customer and for the first $25 they spend the original customer will receive $25 in return to use toward any purchase. It’s easy to become a member of the site. All you have to do is fill out their member form. It includes information about a customer’s government issued card and issue date. There is also a slot for email and a place to create a password to help with security.

Shipping Process and Free Shipping Promotions

King Tut’s Cannabis takes discretion seriously. Reaching the customer in a timely, safe fashion is one of their top priorities. They package everything carefully and send it out as quickly as possible. They also pride themselves in making sure the package arrives fresh and ready for the customer to enjoy.

Discounts, Promos, and King Tut’s Coupon Codes

Specials are a plenty on King Tut’s Cannabis with the focus being on getting the customer the bang for their buck. Numerous products and deals highlight the specials page. There are extract deals with seven grams for $99. Various strains highlight the deals and some examples of those are Strawberry Cough (AAA, sugar wax) sativa, WiFi (AAA, shatter) sativa, and Purple Punch (AAA, shatter) indica.

If shatter and sugar waxes don’t appeal to you, there’s still plenty to save on when it comes to extracts. Another deal being offered is four grams of AAAA-rated live resin for $99. Strains include Bruce Banner, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Blue Dream. There’s also a deal on Doc’s Rock (mix of flower, distillate, and hash) rolled together for a powerful treat. The deal on King Tut’s Cannabis is currently seven grams for $99.


8.5 Total Score
King Tuts Cannabis has got it all!

King Tuts Cannabis is a popular vendor amongst the online marijuana community. These guy have everything when it comes to ordering quality products online in Canada. You can get anything and everything from them, even in bulk amounts! They have some great deals on shatter in their specials category as well as some flower. With their refer a friend reward program you can get great savings at $25 per friend you refer!

Inventory & Stock
Reliability & Trust
Payment & Shipping
Prices & Deals
Customer Support
Overall Experience
  • Great selection
  • Awesome deals on shatter
  • Can purchase products in bulk
  • Safe & Trusted
  • Decent reward program
  • Deals on flower could be better
  • Customer support is a little slow
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King Tuts Promo Deals, Discount Codes & Reviews
King Tuts Promo Deals, Discount Codes & Reviews
10% off

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