Romulan Indica


The Romulan weed strain is a near legendary status indica flower infamous in circles for the joke that this strain could create the facial ridges and appearance made popular by the Star Trek race. of the same name. Well documented for its extremely potent and narcotic like high, Romulan is perhaps best known as a choice option for when that deep couch locked feeling is desired.


Positive effects of the Romulan marijuana strain While its strong potency make it famous for producing a plethora of beneficial effects, the most common pros and cons found in Romulan weed reviews include deep relaxation, sedation, pain relief and euphoric ‘couch lock’ capabilities.
Medicinal uses and Romulan cannabis benefits most commonly associated with usage include pain relief, anxiety reduction, depression lifting and of course sleep problems such as easy wakefulness or insomnia.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    As a fellow customer I dont know how to do a little romulan strain review here without sounding like a salesman… just simply try it once and if you need get the smallest amount and you will understand why this is a must have weed strain… unique and amazing everyone!

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