White Kush Indica


The product of careful and thorough Afghan Kush / White Widow breeding, the White Kush indica weed strain is as potent and useful as it is beautiful. Thanks to its kush parents this flower has a distinct, powerful and pungent aroma with some interesting fan favorite flavors in its palette.

Positive effects of the White Kush marijuana strain Perhaps its best known benefit; as found in a large majority of White Kush weed strain reviews from patients, users and enthusiasts; is its incredibly powerful stress busting and anti-anxiety features. Many a journal and reports have called this their favorite and goto ‘sleep strain’ when effectiveness can’t be doubted.

Medicinal uses and White Kush cannabis benefits are predictably kush and indica related, with the vast majority of prescriptions of white kush medicinal marijuana being related to symptoms such as: insomnia/sleep quality, depression/stress/anxiety mental symptoms and chronic/acute physical discomfort relief.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Prettiest and strongest online buds Ive ever had

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