Red Congolese Sativa


The Red Congolese sativa weed strain is a complex bud with roots from both Mexican and Afghani lineage. Its evolution has resulted in a truly unique set of effects and flavors that has made it many buddies flower of choice over all others.


Positive effects of the Red Congolese marijuana strain most commonly reported in consumer reviews and reports include: energizing and uplifting mental effects as well as mental wellbeing, euphoria and increased mental focus… making this an ideal sativa for a vast majority of the population looking for a functional and even beneficial deep mental buzz.
Medicinal uses and Red Congolese cannabis benefits Thanks to its potency and energizing sativa lineage, Red Congolese’s medicinal benefits include a wide variety of symptoms including but not limited to Alzheimers, tension, nausea and cachexia to name a few.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Prettiest buds Ive ever seen… like don’t even want to bust it kind of beautiful lol

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