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The Wholesome Monkey offers plenty of deals and a knowledgeable staff looking to help the first-time user find exactly what they need, or they can simply help a more experienced user find what they are looking for.

The Wholesome Monkey Reddit Reviews

Reviews are offered on each flower and concentrate on the site. All the reviews are positive as a number of different strains are offered across the site. Customers are asked to sign up for an account and review all the products they purchase. It will help keep the top choices at the top of the shelf as well as help the customer keep track of strains they like or don’t like.

Is Legit?

The Wholesome Monkey has it all laid out on the blog. It’s informative and offers customers or even just people looking to find information a quick number of references with a wide range of different topics. From CBD to concentrates being recommended, the blog really covers several topics to help people stay informed.

The Wholesome Monkey Loyalty Programs

There are numerous deals offered throughout the site. There are currently 12 different ones to choose from and they offer concentrates and flower on sale. The account each customer is asked to sign up for will help with each order and get directed to exactly what they need and want.

Shipping Process and Free Shipping Promotions

The Wholesome Monkey has you covered when it comes to safe, contactless delivery options. They can ship around the country and do same-day delivery. Everything can be tracked with orders being shipped out as quickly as possible.

Ordering is easy, but if the customer has any issues at all a step by step guide with fun illustrations can be found on the site. It’s broken down into 11 steps with clear instructions put down at each step. All orders placed before 11 a.m. EST will be shipped the same day. Everything placed out after that will be shipped out with all the morning orders the next day.

Discounts, Promos, and Coupon Codes

There are at least 12 deals currently running on The Wholesome Monkey’s site. There’s a mix-and-match shatter deal that offers the customer four grams of shatter for just $130. It’s not just four shatters selected by the company either. The customer is given a choice of Blue Matero, Congo, and Hammer by Mountain Gold, Peyote Cookies, Pink Kush, American Pie, and Gorilla Glue by Glacier Dab, and Gorilla Glue and Turtle Tank by Hungry Hooligans, and Blake Mamba by Kootenay Labs.

There are also other shatter deals that feature larger loads in eight-gram and 12-gram offerings. The first is eight for $255 and the 12 for $370. Flower deals make up the bulk of the offers with deals being offered in ounces and quarter pounds.

The first deal is a mix-and-match called the Howler’s Haversack that features four strains and seven grams of each strain to make up an ounce of the customer’s choosing for $145. Some of the AAA offerings include Scooby Snacks, Grand Daddy Purps, Lemon Kush, Durban Poison, Northern Lights, Pineapple Haze, Ice Cream #2, and Jack Herer #4. Keep in mind that’s just a small offering of what is currently on the site. The selection rotates a lot, but the quality never really changes.

The Capuchin’s Crate offers four quarter ounces of their AAA rated bud for $165. The Tamarin’s Tote offers AAAA mix-and-match flower for $185. The difference starts once the customer gets to the Baboon’s briefcase, which offers AAAA mix-and-match strains. The premium bud includes Jack Herer #5, Greasy Pink #5, Gorilla Glue #4, Annihilator #2, Sugar Cookies #2, and Do-Si-Dos. Flower choices range from indica, hybrid, and sativa. Quarter pound specials include deals like the AAA mix-and-match that features four ounces for $540. That can get upgraded to AAA+ bud for $620. Finally, there are two AAAA quarter pound deals that both feature four ounces of top shelf, premium cannabis for $720 for the cheaper of the two. The top deal of the bunch is a four-ounce mix-and-match for $920. 


8.5 Total Score
The Wholesome Monkey are a fun and friendly bunch

The Wholesome Monkey has a great reputation with the online community for being a quality site that provides a friendly and fun atmosphere when shopping for what you need. These guys have some great specials on quality flower of all varieties in their super sale section. The pictures of their flower look amazing which makes you just want to order everything! Check them out and ask customer support any questions you might have as they're very helpful.

Inventory & Stock
Reliability & Trust
Payments & Shipping
Prices & Deals
Customer Support
Overall Experience
  • Great flower specials
  • High end products
  • Friendly & helpful customer support
  • Timely delivery
  • Lots of selection
  • Reward program is lacking
  • Names of categories can be confusing
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The Wholesome Monkey Coupon Codes, Reviews & Discount Sales
The Wholesome Monkey Coupon Codes, Reviews & Discount Sales
10% off

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